Converting Extracts to Grains

How do I convert my

Converting between malt grains, DME (dry malt extract) and LME (liquid malt extract) is math. DME and LME are concentrated products from malt grains so one needs to use a formula to calculate thier differences.

Here are some helpful formulas:

LME to Grain
• LME / .75 = Base Malt Grain

DME to Grain
• DME / .60 = Base Malt Grain

Here are a couple of examples:

• 1 lb LME / .75 = 1.33 lb Grain (1 / .75 = 1.333333 lb)

• 1 lb DME / .60 = 1.67 lb Grain (1 / .60 = 1.66666 lb) I round up.

This isn't a one-way street. There are simple formulas to convert Grain to LME or DME - even to convert LME to DME and back again. Below are some formulas to play with.

• Grain to DME: DME X .6 = Grain (1 X .60 = .60)
• Grain to LME: LME X .75 = Grain (1 X .75 = .75)

• DME to LME: DME X 1.25 = LME (1 X 1.25 = 1.25)
• LME to DME: LME X .8 = DME (1 X .80 = .8)

Remember, we're talking base grains with fermentable sugars. Most liquid and dry extracts are made from some form of base grain malts or a blend. These formulas will not work with specialty malts that usually have less sugars and are more for flavor and color than adding fermentables.


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