bumpersticker2Becoming A Conscientious Home Wine & Beer Maker

After the recent Homebrew Con in Minneapolis this past June, I have noticed craft and home brewers becoming a little more concious of who their retailers are. If you are not aware, a major midwest homebrew chain was purchased by none other than the multi-national-über-conglomerate InBev and its minions. This group has been buying up craft breweries and making them part of their monopoly. Now it appears that homebrew chains of note are their next target.

The AHA - American Homebrewers Association - and I are calling on homebrewers and winemakers to help keep your local homebrew shops around. Show your support by keeping your local homebrew shop and other local businesses alive by using them instead of the corporate giants.

Beverage Artisan is now one of the only 'local' brick and mortar homebrew and winemaking supply shops in the area. Of course, it all comes down to your choice and what you value.

Also watch for the symbol that non-monopolized craft brewers are beginning to post to show they are still Independent Craft Brewers.