Beverage Artisan
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onegallon1-Gallon Beer Kits

These ingredient kits come in an assortment of styles and range from $6.99 to $12.99. They have what you need to make a tasty beer using a partial mash method. Stock is always changing. Call ahead for availability of style.


Kit of the Month $29.00

IPAGlassThe kit of the month is a partial mash 5-gallon beer kit. Partial mash is a grain plus extract recipe and is a step between all extract and all grain. The kit instructions assume you have at least a 4 gallon brew pot and some homebrewing experience.

Our house kit is made up fresh when it is ordered. Call or email ahead.


1 Gal Fermonster


New - 1 gallon wide mouth fermenter that is unbreakable and is easy to clean. Just like our 6 & 7 gallon Fermonster units. $14.99

We Have Bottles

bottlesWe have quite a selection of bottles and containers for just about anything. Wine and Beer bottles of assorted sizes and closures.

Fruit Presses

Now in stock assorted fruit presses. They range in size: 1.3, 3.0 and 5.0 Liter sizes, to the #20 8X14 inch all-metal Cross-Beam press.


10 lb Bags of Malt

tenpound300We have 10 lb bags of assorted malts on hand that range from $11.99 to $20.99 each.

Why buy and store 50 lb bags of grain when you can often get what you need in smaller bags? We can order many types of malt in 10 lb bags sizes. Ask.

1.3 Gal / 5 Liter Demijohn

demijohnNew! 1.3 gallon (5L) Demijohn fermenter. The glass, widemouth container is great for the small scale fermenter. Easy to clean and the plastic basket has handles for carrying. $22.85