Get Ready for the Holidays, Winemakers!

We have assembled a three gallon wine fermentation gift package for the holiday season, and it is available now while supplies last!

This kit includes a basic fermenter with lid, airlock, spigot, and a packet of yeast. Also included is your choice of an in-stock fruit wine base with directions for making a delicious wine. This wine kit is only $39.99.

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BriessBig50# Bags of Malt

Beverage Artisan carries 50# bags of 2-row brewers malt.

The demand for whole 50# bags of base malt has steadily increased this past year. We have bags of 50# 2-row base malt available for $49.00 - that's less than a $1 a pound.

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We Sell Bulk LOCAL Honey

Mead makers and honey lovers! Bring your own container and fill it with our delicious honey from Ginna Bees. Measure out as much or little as you need.

$3.55 / Pound

While supplies last.