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Our partial-mash (grains plus extract) house recipe is for a five (5) gallon batch of beer. Our beer ingredient kits include yeast, hops, select grains/malts, a muslin grain/hop sack and directions. We make the kit up fresh when it is ordered. Perfect for the beginning, intermediate and budget conscious brewer. Click here for more information and a list of seasonal kits.

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Cider From A Pouch

You will notice, when you visit the shop, I have my FastFerment fermenter set up with a liquid inside. I am making a pouch of a new product, Mangrove Jack Craft Series Cider. I will be keeping people appraised of the progress. I have never made a commercially developed cider before. The pouch I am using makes 6 gallons of 'Mixed Berry Cider.' It smells great and the directions are laughably easy. What is great about the pouch is that there is a dry side with the directions and the cider yeast, and there is a wet side with the concentrate. This self contained kit doesn't need anything if you only make a five (5) gallon batch of cider. If you want to make a six (6) gallon batch it recommends adding about 2 1/4 pounds of sugar.

More as events happen.


Bumper Stickers - Becoming Militant

After the recent Homebrew Con in Minneapolis this past June, I have noticed craft and home brewers becoming a little more militant. If you are not aware, a major midwest homebrew chain was purchased by none other than the multi-national-über-conglomerate InBev and its minions. This group has been gobbling craft breweries up like I eat peanut butter M&Ms! The AHA - American Homebrewers Association - has called on homebrewers and winemakers to help keep your local homebrew shops alive.

I am aware that Beverage Artisan is now one of the only 'local' brick and mortar homebrew and winemaking supply shop in the area. This is sad. While I have been doing better since my competition closed in Eau Claire, it is bitter-sweet. Since my competition closed, many of their old customers are turning to online sources because they do not know I am here. Worse, they feel it is too expensive or time-consuming to come to Menomonie. However, what they may gain in convenience of online shopping they lose in support.

What can you do? Support local. Get a bumper sticker and show you care. The stickers are free if you spend $25 or more, or $.95+tax. This small cost helps me buy more stickers to spread the word. Thanks for your support.

3 Liter fruit press with spout. Get all that juice!


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