ginnabeesBulk Local Honey

Starting 9/29 - Beverage Artisan will be selling local honey from Ginna Bees. Bring your own sealable container and fill up with this golden goodness. You can tap and weigh from our supply of honey in the shop.

The honey is $3.55 a pound. When you purchase this honey you are supporting local.

BriessBig50# Bags of Malt

Beverage Artisan is NOW carrying 50# bags of 2-row brewers malt. The demand for whole 50# bags of base malt has steadily increased this past year. I am going to have 50# 2-row base malt bags available for $49.00 - that's less than a $1 a pound.

The plan is to also have other 50# bags of malts, like Pilsen and Munich on hand soon. I will also be able to order from Briess' full malt catalog, so I can order whole bags of malt grain, flakes, and extracts on request. I will only order in 500+ pound lots to optimize our shipping costs, so watch for my posted group buys on Facebook and here. However, if you need grains or DME/LME soon are willing to pay shipping, come talk to me.