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Our partial-mash (grains plus extract) house recipe is for a five (5) gallon batch of beer. Our beer ingredient kits include yeast, hops, select grains/malts, a muslin grain/hop sack and directions. We make the kit up fresh when it is ordered. Perfect for the beginning, intermediate and budget conscious brewer. Click here for more information and a list of seasonal kits.

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Homebrew Con Report

Some of my impressions from Homebrew Con 2017.

Things are going Sour. I have never seen so many sour beers. Many brewers are talking about and making them. This is another step in the evolution of home and creft brewing - remember overtly hoppy beer (hop bombs)?

Small is more. Some equipment and kit manufacturers are scaling down. It appears there is a swing to desktop brewing in the 1 to 3 gallon ranges. There are more companies making complete breweries in that range. These are best described as a plug-and-play type of mini-brewery. Watch for them. I'm sure there is some psychology going on behind this because it isn't economics. You will be seeing more individual components being developed as well.

Likewise, I noticed a subtle trend of going electric with homebrew breweries. Electric boil kettles abounded, as well as mash tuns, and hot liquor tanks.

Water, Hops, and Yeast are major marketing items. Watch for water modification and conditioning chemistry, concentrated hops, and more yeast sellers appearing.

The last observation is that alternative fermentation, also known as fermented foods, is very popular and growing. I already carry much of the equipment for this and will soon be adding more. I will be putting an entry on my blog "The Citizen Fermenter" with my take on this.


Upcoming Events

July 31 and August 1, UW-Stout will be hosting the Midwest Craft Brewers Conference. While many of the sessions are aimed at craft brewers, homebrewers are sure to gain good information here. It is also a great way to meet other brewers and to support our local university's community outreach.

While it may seem a long way off, November 3 & 4, BYO magazine is hosting its brewers 'Boot Camp' in Indianapolis. These boot camps are aimed at helping homebrewers to step up to the next level. As I've told people many times, moving from extract to partial-mash, to all-grain are all lateral moves in breweing. If you want to advance, a person needs to get better at replicating their beers, designing recipes, and understanding styles and your options for ingredients.

A fun time at our last gathering - The Big Brew!


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