Sweet Mead


3.5lb (1.59 kg) Honey
2 tsp (11.8 g) Acid Blend
1/4 tsp (1.5 g) Tannin
3/4 tsp (4.4 g) Yeast Energizer
1 Campden Tablet (crushed)
1 Package Wine Yeast (Suggested: Lalvin ICV-D-47 or similar)
Warm water, 70-80F (21.1-26.6C), to make a gallon


-Wash and sanitizer all equipment.
-Put honey, tannin, acid blend, yeast nutrient, and a crushed campen tablet into the primary fermenter. DO NOT add yeast yet.
-Add enough warm water to make one gallon (3.8 L), slowly, while stirring to dissolve all ingredients together.
-Cover fermenter with a loose lid or clean towel and allow everything to rest overnight.
-Measure the specific gravity. If it is not at or above 1.090, add more honey or table sugar until it is at or above that gravity.
-Sprinkle the yeast on to the liquid and gently stir once.
-For 3 Days gently stir a couple of times a day, always covering again with a loose fitting lid/towel.
-Measure the specific gravity.
-If it is at or below 1.040, or foaming has stopped, siphon to a sanitized secondary fermenter with a tight fitting stopper and an airlock - avoid siphoning the sediment.
-Allow to ferment undisturbed at room temperature, between 70 and 80F (21.1 and 26.6C) for 4 weeks.
-Siphon (avoiding the sediment) to another secondary fermenter, with a stopper and airlock, and allow it to ferment for another 4 weeks. .
-Continue the siphon (racking) process into secondary fermenters until the liquid is clear and no new sediment forms on the bottom.
-Bottle and allow to rest 6 months to a year before drinking. (Mead is best aged.)
-Chill and serve.