Wine, beer, and softdrink supplies.

Beverage Artisan has CHANGED OUR PHONE NUMBER. Please use the new number and not our old one!

About Beverage Artisan

Beverage Artisan was established in 2011 a little after the owner, Doug, retired from the Menomonie School District. Doug has been a home brewer/winemaker for over 30 years. His son, another homebrewer, convinced himDougatLucette there was a need for a local homebrew shop in Menomonie. Thus, the idea of Beverage Artisan was born.

Beverage Artisan is a small local store with limited hours. However, it is my goal to make home beverage making accessible and successful - especially to those who are first time fermenters, experimenters or those who create beverages on a small scale.

Friendly, helpful and personal service is what I strive for in this one-person shop. Beverage Artisan succeeds or fails by your patronage, support, reviews and word-of-mouth sharing. Please talk to me (Doug) if you have anything less than a positive experience - if possible, I will try to correct the issue.

Beverage Artisan is not an online store. We can special order many items and give you a fair price if you are willing to wait in our order cycle. We also give personal service - what some of the bigger homebrew stores have got away from.

When not at Beverage Artisan I am traveling, trailering, kayak fishing, geocaching, making wine or beer and playing bass in a local band, The Cutaways.

I am retired but take this store serious. Please, always check the calendar for times when I close the shop. I try to give fair warning when I will be closed. Likewise, if there's a wine or beer emergency, I have been known to open up special for people. Thank you for your support. Cheers!

We're Local & Support Local

Beverage Artisan encourages everyone to support your local shops and businesses. We sometimes post current local & regional event information of interest to us on our calendar.

We accept magnetic strip credit/debit cards, chip cards, approved local checks and payments from Apple and Android apps - and of course cash.

Beverage Artisan does not print paper receipts. Please ask to receive an email or a SMS receipt if you wish to have a record of your transaction.

Privacy: Beverage Artisan does not collect information about our customers. However, our credit card processor, SquareUp, does. We do not have control over how they use the data. If you do not want your purchases electronically tracked, please pay with cash or approved local check for your items.

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