Beverage Artisan is a small local shop open three days a week (Thur, Fri, Sat). My goal is: to make home beverage making successful - especially for first time fermenters, experimenters, or for those who create beverages on a small scale. I want people to be knowledgeable about their hobby while enjoying the process.

We are not an online store. However, we have our online store posted to show what products we often or do carry - much like a catalog. There are plans to take our store online eventually. Currently we focus on support, courtesy, and keeping our prices reasonable for our customers throughout the region.

Privacy Statement

Beverage Artisan does not collect information about our customers without their permission. However, our credit card processor, SquareUp, and/or your credit card company may. We do not have control over how they use the data. If you do not want your purchases or purchasing habits electronically tracked, please pay with cash.

If Beverage Artisan asks for your email or phone number, we will NOT sell or give it to a third party without legal warrant.

External Links

No one person knows everything. Below are links for fermenters of all types.I find them useful to reference - I hope you do too.