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Alcohol by Volume (ABV)

There are many ways to calculate the alcohol by volume (ABV) of fermented beverages - just look at the calulator and you see just a few of the examples. Which is "best" or "right"? Only the ones that are measured and calculated in laboratories with controlled conditions.

These calculators are pretty good. If you enter the same OG (original specific gravity) and FG (final specific gravity) numbers in each there will be a slight difference after the the "." in the decimal fraction. The accuracy is actually tied to many variables like, temperature, measurement tool, liquid being measured, and so on.

To use, select the row and INPUT cell of the calculator you wish to use. Key in the numbers for OG and FG that you have taken and press [Enter/Return]. The calculator will run the formula and present the calculated ABV for that line.

If you wish to calculate the POTENTIAL ABV of your liquid before it finishes fermenting, enter the actual OG and select an estimated FG and let the calculator run.

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This spreadsheet is hosted at Microsoft on Excel online. There will be a small delay depending on your online connection. You may view it full-size by selecting that option on the bottom bar.

If you have comments or corrections please contact me. All formulas are found in public domain throughout the web.

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