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Gravity Conversions

This converter spreadsheet allows anyone to convert their gravity measurements - specific gravity (SG), Brix (Bx), or Plato (P) - to another useful measurement.

Enter the gravity number into the INPUT column and press [enter]. In a few moments the conversion will appear in the OUTPUT column.

Specific Gravity (SG) is used by most homebrewers and is a basic linear measurement of the density of fermentable sugars in a wort. Hydrometer used to measure.

Plato (P) is used by brewers for more precise measurement of fermentable sugars in a wort. It takes into consideration the volume change as 'surgars' are added. Hydrometer used to measure.

Brix (Bx) is used by winemakers and brewers alike. It is the measurement of sucrose (sugar) in a solution and is very near the Plato (P) reading. Refractometer used to measure.

Convert Malts-Grains / Convert SG-Brix-Plato / Calculate ABV

This spreadsheet is hosted at Microsoft on Excel online. There will be a small delay depending on your online connection. You may view it full-size by selecting that option on the bottom bar.

If you have comments or corrections please contact me. All formulas are found in public domain throughout the web.

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