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Deluxe Homebrew Equipment Kit

The deluxe hombrewers starter kit, by BrewcraftUSA, is all the equipment a new homebrewer needs to get started. Many kits on the market provide everything a home brewer needs to ferment. However, brewers also need a brew kettle big enough to make their beers - and this kit has it.

Included is a 5 gallon stainless steel brew kettle with lid, 8 gallon primary fermenter with lid, airlock, 5 gallon PET carboy, cleaners, carboy brush, bottle brush, glass thermometer, adhesive back LCD thermometer, spigot, hydrometer, auto-siphon, tubing, stopper for carboy, bottle filler and capper. All hardware that is needed for a home brewery and to make and ferment your own great tasting homebrew.

Beer ingredient kits and the bottles are sold separately.

Wine, beer, softdrink, and alternative

We have Island Mist wine kits. We can special order your favorite. Palmer's Premium Beer Kits are here!

Beer & Hard Cider Ingredient

Two new popular items. We now carry Mangrove Jack beer ingredient kit and the Mangrove Jack cider kit pouches. These liquid malt extract (LME) and fruit juice pouch kits are made so that all you need is water and the enclosed yeast packet. Pour into a fermenter and make 5 or 6 gallons of beer or cider. This is an easy way to get started in alcoholic home beverage making.

They're Back!

The Palmer's Premium Beer Kits are available in the store. These premium kits were developed using Chilton Wisconsin's own Briess malt by author, homebrewer, and speaker John Palmer. Everyone who has used these kits has commented how good they are and how tasty the beer is. I have been getting requests to carry them again. Ask what kits we have on hand or what we can order for you.

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