Kit of the Month

The kit of the month is a partial mash (grains plus extract) 5-gallon beer kit. Beverage Artisan kits are $29.00 We make the kit up fresh when it is ordered. Call or email ahead. Perfect for the beginning and intermediate brewer.

Bottle caps and priming sugar are not included, so buy them ahead if needed.

The seasonal kits are:

  • January - English Ale
  • February - Red Ale
  • March - Canadian-Style Ale
  • April - Dunkelweizen
  • May - IPA
  • June - Wheat Ale*
  • July - Witbier*
  • August - Oktoberfest Ale
  • September - Pale Ale
  • October - Brown Ale
  • Novemeber - Porter
  • December - Stout


Kits are not eligible for AHA or club discounts.
*Kit yeast can be sustituted for $2 more


Pre-Paid Orders Only