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Kit Of The Month -

One Gallon Beer Ingredient Kits

The seasonal kits are:

• January - English Ale
February - Red Ale
March - Canadian-Style Ale
April - Dunkelweizen
May - IPA
June - Wheat Ale*
• July -
August - Oktoberfest Ale
September - Pale Ale
October - Brown Ale
• Novemeber -

December - Stout


Kits are not eligible for AHA or club discounts.
*Kit yeast can be sustituted for $2 more


Wine, beer, softdrink, and alternative

Have you tried Vintner's Harvest fruit wine bases? Makes 3 or 5 gallon batches of wine. We sell GIFT CERTIFICATES - Any Amout!

BEER KITS: The kit of the month is a partial mash (grains plus extract) 5-gallon beer kit. Beverage Artisan kits are $29.00 We make the kit up fresh when it is ordered. Call or email ahead. Perfect for the beginning and intermediate brewer. Bottle caps and priming sugar are not included, so buy them ahead if needed.

By popular demand, Beverage Artisan now makes select ONE GALLON beer ingredient kits. These beer kits range from $6.99 to $10.99 and have all of the ingredients to make a tasty beer using a partial mash (extract + grains). Our selection will vary but if you have a favorite, we can attempt to make it up for you.

Typical one gallon kits on hand are: American Stout, Dunkelweizen, Red Ale and American Cream Ale.

Please call or email ahead, we need 30 minutes to make a kit.

AHA Membership

Give your homebrewer a membership to AHA. American Hombrewer Association members receive a 10% discount at Beverage Artisan. Ask for details. We sell the membership cards which can be put in an evelope or box for gift giving and activated later online.

In-store price is $42.50 - regular online price $43.00.

Close Out Cheese Kits!

Make eight (8) different kinds of cheeses with this cheese making kit. These Basic Cheese making lits regularly went for $29.99. However, you can save $8.00 now that we are closing them out at $21.99. Cheese molds, rennet and direction are included in each basic kit. There is enough in each kit to make several cheeses - you provide the whole milk. Great gifts for the aspiring cheese maker in your family. Gain an appreciation of how cheese is made.

Great for home-schoolers. An edible science project.

Cheese Kits

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