IPAGlassKit of the Month - Only $29.00

The kit of the month is a partial mash (grains + extract) 5-gallon beer kit. We make the kit up fresh when it is ordered. Call or email ahead. These are perfect for the beginning and intermediate brewer. Bottle caps and priming sugar are not included, so buy them ahead if needed.


onegallonOne Gallon Beer Kits

By popular demand, Beverage Artisan now makes select ONE GALLON beer ingredient kits. These ingredient kits range from $6.99 to $10.99 and have what you need to make a tasty beer using a partial mash (extract + grains).


ahaAHA Membership

We sell American Homebrewers Association memberships in the store. When you purchase your membership card, it entitles you to an immediate 10% discount on CONSUMABLES, like commercial beer kits, hops, yeast, and malts. You will also receive Zynurgy magazine and discounts at participating pubs. Regular price for membership is $43. Through Beverage Artisan, your first year membership cost is $40, a $3 savings. Ask about it!


Watch for information about the GROUP BUY of BULK MALT on Facebook. Beverage Artisan is planning a group buy of Chilton Wisconsin's own Briess Malt. Group order must total 500 or more pounds.