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Buon Vino Electric Filter

The Buon Vino Minijet offers several advantages for fermenters, especially for those passionate about winemaking. Its compact design and self-priming motorized pump allow for efficient filtering of up to 23 liters of wine in just 15-20 minutes, making it perfect for small batch producers.

Its compact design incorporates a self-prime motorized pump capable of filtering up to 20 litres in 15 minutes. A built in drip tray and drainage tube ensure a no mess, no fuss clean-up job. And its triple filter pads add a crystal clear, sparkling quality to your wine.

The Minijet ensures clarity and sparkle in the final product without the mess, thanks to its built-in drip tray and drainage tube.

The ability to use three types of filter pads; coarse, polish, sterile ensures consistent filtration, which contributes to the professional quality of homemade wines.


DIimensions: 11.8"L X 5.5"W X 7.0"H
Weight: 6.6 LBS.

Our Price:$188.99 ea.
Fermonster strainer for fermenster fermenters

How to Distill: A Complete Guide from Still Design and Fermentation through Distilling and Aging Spirits

Learn the surprisingly accessible and straightforward process of home distilling with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos.

In this book, certified industry expert and knowledgeable home distiller Aaron Hyde lays out the how and why of all the key processes of distilling, starting at the mash and fermentation, through distilling, and ending with additional information on aging and blending spirits.

You’ll find: An Overview of Distilling and the Process: The fundamentals of distillation, concise distillation theory, still design, distilled products, and ingredients are all covered.

Recipes: Whether you're interested in making bourbon whiskey, scotch whisky, gin, rum, or vodka, you’ll find an easy-to-follow recipe. With reliable, tested processes throughout, this is the new standard for distilling. By the end of the book, you’ll understand how to distill an array of different spirits and will have created something you will be proud to drink and share.

About the Author: Aaron Hyde has been home brewing since 1996, and home distilling since 2008. In his current role with Rahr/BSG he often consults on still design and development, as well as consumable products such as oak and yeast. Aaron is one of the few people globally that has received their certifications in brewing, malting, and distilling through the Institute of Brewing & Distilling.

Coincidentally, the author is my son.

Our price: $28.99 ea.
3 Gallon Fermonster Fermenter

3 Gallon Fermonster Fermenter

The 3 gallon Fermonster fermenter is a popular choice among homebrewers and winemakers. Its PET plastic construction offers a superior oxygen barrier compared to traditional HDPE buckets, which is crucial for long fermentation processes like lagering and secondary fermentation.

The wide mouth design makes it easy to clean and allows for convenient dry hopping, infusing and fruit additions. Additionally, the ribless interior ensures that yeast and sediment settle at the bottom, making for a clearer fermentation without filter.

This 3-gallon fermenter size is perfect for small batch brewers looking to make 2-3 gallon batches of beer, wine, wash, cider, or mead.

Our price: $23.99 ea.

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